For more than a decade, Shumard-Designs, LLC has consistently delivered excellence with a plus in a wide spectrum of challenging projects, all completed on time, in budget, and always with a flair.

We have relied upon their expertise and experience in:

  • Web design, development and management
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Project design, development, execution and evaluation
  • Graphic materials, including creative designs, production process monitoring, and delivery as promised.
  • Event planning and coordination for a wide variety of occasions and venues

We have always found Shumard-Designs to be responsive, creative, dependable, and enjoyable work partners. We recommend them without reservation.


"We were referred to Shumard-Designs by a non-profit administrator who had utilized Margret Bruza to critique a major special event and offer input for the next year. They were impressed with her knowledge base and insightfulness.

"We found Margret's portfolio to be diverse and striking, and contracted with her to create a specialized donor wall display. She did an excellent job listening to what we wanted, providing several creative options, managing the production process, and keeping touch through the duration.

"Margret and her team are sharp, creative and comfortable working within budget for projects both big and small."

Scope Ministries International
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



"Shumard-Designs, LLC has, over an extended period of time, provided our firm with services which have included website design, graphic design consultation, event planning, architectural photography, as well as interior and architectural design. Margret Bruza has that rare combination of creativity and a sense of organization. Margret delivers on-time, cost effective products which cover a wide spectrum of design disciplines. She continues to be a major resource for our office and we are pleased to have access to the talent and competence Shumard-Designs provides our firm."

Architectural Firm
New Haven, Connecticut



"Creativity, dependability, resourcefulness, hard work and commitment to excellence - these are the elements that have characterized all of our associations with Margret Bruza of Shumard-Designs, LLC. Churches are notorious for short lead time, limited budgets and cloudy objectives, but Margret’s advice and expertise have allowed us to dramatically improve the effectiveness of a wide variety of marketing tools and mediums."

First Baptist Church Associate Pastor
Edmond, Oklahoma


IMAGES GALLERY, The Art of Sport

"As a new small business it was of up most importance for Images Gallery to have a great website up and running quickly.  Shumard-Designs came through and continues to help keep the website current.  I am totally pleased with the excellent job and smooth communications Margret Bruza has provided."

Images Gallery the art of sport . . .



"I browse my speed dials . . . School, Doctor, Mechanic, SD.  Yes, that’s right . . . Shumard-Designs, LLC or SD for short. I am so confident that Margret and her staff can create for our club the image we are trying to portray that I have her permanently programmed on my phone.  When we want a project completed on time, on budget and on the mark, we call Shumard-Designs, LLC.

Sometimes I think they know better what we need than we do.  Speed dial SD . . . I am so glad we did."

Sandites In Stride Booster Club
Sand Springs, Oklahoma



"We enjoy when we have the opportunity to work with Shumard-Designs, LLC. With an unbelievable knack for creating and designing via a wide range of mediums, Shumard-Designs has created for our company a corporate identity that best portrays our products and services to our clients."

Communications & Network Company
Tulsa, Oklahoma