As a graphic design, project management, and web development firm we specialize in assisting LOCAL, REGIONAL, and NATIONAL businesses with their marketing needs by utilizing . . . endless creative possibilities.

We tailor our services according to each client’s specific needs, which may include but not limited to corporate identity, brochures, social media, website design and management, project management, publicity and event planning. 


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Celebrating 21 Years!

Founded in 1998, Shumard-Designs, LLC (SD) specializes in providing classic graphic design, web development, and project management. With emphasis on design effectiveness and aesthetic appeal through clear communication, the mission is to build strong client relationships through consistent quality, service and dedication.  We provide . . . endless creative possibilities!


  • Shumard-Designs Assists with FAIA Submission

    Shumard-Designs, LLC, would like to congratulate Lisa Chronister, FAIA, LEED AP, who has been elevated to the AIA College of Fellows under "Object Three, Led the Institute" by The American Institute of Architects. We are honored to have been selected to assist with this submission.


    A frequently asked question!  Why SHUMARD-DESIGNS and what on earth is a Shumard?  Here's the story . . .

    Choosing a good domain name is crucial to the success or failure of your business.  Here, you will discover the six qualities that a good domain name must have to ensure maximum success.

    Armed with an iPhone and an app, watch as we accept a friend and business associate's Creative Challenge.  Intended to inspire creative thought every day, follow on Facebook!

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