Quercus shumardii

The "Shumard" is one of our favorite oak trees.  During the early 90's while we were living in Connecticut, we had the unusual opportunity to purchase a quarter section of land "sight unseen."  Of course we said "yes!" after hearing the description of the 151 acres near Prague, Oklahoma.  So it is here where our interest in trees grew.

Shumard-Hollow has many beautiful Shumard Oaks.  Their structure is straight and strong with a very nicely detailed leaf.  The Shumard-Designs (SD) logo is an actual young leaf from one of the trees which I still keep at my desk today.

The Shumard Oak

Mature Shumard's can reach heights of 82 to 110 feet with a potential trunk diameter of 24 to 39 inches.  Trunks are straight and vertical - a tree better suited to withstand Oklahoma ice storms.  Leaves are dark green on top and a lighter green on the bottom.  In the fall, leaves vary from red with possible light yellow hues to brown.  They bear relatively large acorns and don't be surprised to see us under a large specimen with our 5 gallon buckets picking up acorns.  They are irresistible and we love taking them to Shumard-Hollow to encourage another generation of sturdy oaks!